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                                     "FUTURE MEMORY"
      1. The Magic Of The Spice
      2. The Void
      3. The Mist
      4. The Call
      5. The Garden
      6. The Elders
      7. Dracul
      8. The Harp
                                   MYSTIC SHEPHERD
                                   "STUMBLES IN THE DARK"
      1. Clockwatch
      2. Nortonville
      3. Escape To The Sunrise
     4. Pony Ride   
      5. Pilgrims Landing
      6. Dream Legacy
      7. The Fix
      8. Homeward Bound
      9. Blackheart
    10. In The Fog
    11. Stumbles In The Dark
    12. The Importance Of Being Richard
    13. Crossing The Channel
    14. The Empty Church
                                   MYSTIC SHEPHERD
                                   "SOMEWHERE IN 1994"
     1. Emily
     2. Banjo
     3. Collage
     4. Gypsy
     5. Indigo March
     6. Tropic Of Pleasure
     7. Strawhat
     8. Yes Impression
     9. Chase
   10. Big City

The Edward Rabus Project: "LIFT YOUR HANDS"
   Music Written and Produced by Rob Lawrence
for and by Edward Rabus.

  Lyrics & Vocal by Edward Rabus, Kathleen Burchett, and Rob Lawrence     
"Perhaps we have invented a new musical genre, Progressive/Gospel/Rock/Rap/Soul, The Edward Rabus Project
is very close to my heart.  Edward called me from Chicago out of the blue.  He had been searching for someone
to record a Christian Album for him.  He sent me cassette tapes of himself talking about what Jesus meant to him
and his feelings about the world we live in.  Sometimes the ideas were just based on song titles he suggested or
a line from one of his tapes.  I took samples from his recordings and assembled them carefully to bring his vision
to life.  This album brings many musical elements together and is totally inspired by Edward, and it evolved
magically, completely on its own.  My thanks to my sister Kate for adding her special touch, and most of all our
Lord Jesus Christ." ...Rob

     1. Thank You (His Love Endures Forever, from Psalm 136 NIV)
     2. Lift Your Hands
     3. Get Your Blessings
     4. I Am An Overcommer
     5. The House Of The Lord
     6. Faithwalker
     7. The Rainbow
     8. Jesus Is So Much (performed by Edward, with members of his church.)